Silly boy

Mummy says I’m a silly boy cos’ I was taking a drink in the kitchen last night and saw another dog staring at me in the oven. I stared and stared at it for a long long time. I even ignored Daddy when he called me. I thought I’m the only dog in the house? Why is there another one that looks like me?

(Mummy: Lucca saw his own reflection in the oven and thought there was another dog in the house. This wasn’t the first time he did that. He even went to the oven to lick the ‘dog’ when he saw it the first time.)


Yummy Goodies!

Mummy has recently resumed her baking stint again. I hope it lasts cos’ it means I’ll have more goodies to eat. FIrst she made me some frozen banana yogurt treats since the weather is scorching hot at 40 deg C everyday. It is really easy to make!

Mash the bananas and the yogurt in a bowl. Mummy used plain non-fat yogurt cos’ that’s what she eats.

Spoon the yogurt into ice cube tray and freeze. It’s that simple!

The end result. Yum yum!! I get to eat that everytime I come back from my walk.

Mummy then decided to bake some peanut butter cookies for me. You’ll need flour and peanut butter. It would be better to use wholegrain flour but mummy was out of that so we’ll make do with the all purpose flour for now.

Mix the ingredients in the mixing bowl. Add in hot water to mix the ingredients. Mummy made the cookies into bone shape. This is the pre-baked version.

Mummy, when will the cookies be ready???

Tada! The cookies are done! Mummy says I got to wait till the cookies are cooled before I can eat. Someone should invent a machine that cools cookies immediately after baking.

My Growing Up Months

Mummy was looking through my baby photos and I thought I’ll share some here. This was me at 8 or 9 weeks (I think). That used to be my favourite spot. I can no longer squeeze under the dishwasher.

Another photo of me. Look how chubby I was. I think someone should tell Mummy to feed me more. Mummy always tells me I’m like Daddy who can eat and eat and don’t get fat.

I was still small enough back then for Daddy to carry me.

My car ride with Daddy and Mummy to buy dinner. I was waiting in the car with Mummy. I was 16 weeks then.

During my free time, I love running! See how fast I can run.

Then Mummy started to put funny things on me to take photos with. First it was my blue monster toy.

Then it was Daddy’s shades. Don’t ya think I’m a cool dude with the shades?

Weekend at the Park

Dad & Mum took me to the park to picnic last weekend! It’s my first time at that park and I was busy checking out the surroundings.

Dad & Mum had pizza for dinner while I had to eat my kibbles. I was trying very hard to get close to the pizza and hoping that Mum would drop some of the pepperoni onto the floor. Too bad she didn’t.

We went on a walk around the lake at the park after dinner and Mum had to keep taking photos of me and she was trying to get me to look at the camera while walking.

I saw many ducks at the lake but I don’t know why the ducks don’t want to be friends with me. I wanted to go over to say hello but they ignored me and swam away.

Dad said we will go to the park more often during the weekends since it’s summer now. Yeah! I hope the ducks will eventually be my friend after I visit them more often.

My very first post

Hi guys! My mummy has finally decided to let me start blogging about my everyday life in the states and this is my very first post! Yippee! I’m a 6 months old golden retriever born in USA. I came to my daddy and mummy when I was about 8 weeks old and I’m loving every minute of my new home and family. Keep a lookout for my daily updates!