My Growing Up Months

Mummy was looking through my baby photos and I thought I’ll share some here. This was me at 8 or 9 weeks (I think). That used to be my favourite spot. I can no longer squeeze under the dishwasher.

Another photo of me. Look how chubby I was. I think someone should tell Mummy to feed me more. Mummy always tells me I’m like Daddy who can eat and eat and don’t get fat.

I was still small enough back then for Daddy to carry me.

My car ride with Daddy and Mummy to buy dinner. I was waiting in the car with Mummy. I was 16 weeks then.

During my free time, I love running! See how fast I can run.

Then Mummy started to put funny things on me to take photos with. First it was my blue monster toy.

Then it was Daddy’s shades. Don’t ya think I’m a cool dude with the shades?


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