Yummy Goodies!

Mummy has recently resumed her baking stint again. I hope it lasts cos’ it means I’ll have more goodies to eat. FIrst she made me some frozen banana yogurt treats since the weather is scorching hot at 40 deg C everyday. It is really easy to make!

Mash the bananas and the yogurt in a bowl. Mummy used plain non-fat yogurt cos’ that’s what she eats.

Spoon the yogurt into ice cube tray and freeze. It’s that simple!

The end result. Yum yum!! I get to eat that everytime I come back from my walk.

Mummy then decided to bake some peanut butter cookies for me. You’ll need flour and peanut butter. It would be better to use wholegrain flour but mummy was out of that so we’ll make do with the all purpose flour for now.

Mix the ingredients in the mixing bowl. Add in hot water to mix the ingredients. Mummy made the cookies into bone shape. This is the pre-baked version.

Mummy, when will the cookies be ready???

Tada! The cookies are done! Mummy says I got to wait till the cookies are cooled before I can eat. Someone should invent a machine that cools cookies immediately after baking.


One thought on “Yummy Goodies!

  1. Oh YUM! My mom is a hazard in the kitchen, but I bet she could manage the banana yogurt treats. Has your mom ever made peanut butter-carob doggie biscotti? That’s one of my favorites.

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