At the park!

Sorry for the lack of posts. Mummy has been lazy to switch on the computer for me to blog. We went to the park the weekend before National Day. I saw the ducks in the lake but the minute they saw me, they ran away again. I can only stare at them swimming away. Boo.

Mummy also made me posed for photos cos’ she wants photos of me with nicer background.

Are we quite done yet? I’m tired of posing for the camera. And don’t I deserve to get paid for being a model?

Oh well, it was still an enjoyable day at the park. Woof!


Barter Trade

My Mummy cooked pasta with fish last Friday and it smells really good. Mummy told me I can’t have any of those pasta as it’s not salt free and the fish is fried = unhealthy food for me. So I thought that MAYBE mummy might decide to give me some if I trade my favourite toy with her for food. So here I am with my blue monster. BUT there was no more food left! Daddy ate it all up!

Lucca: Mummy, can I trade my toy toy for some food pls?