My 1st Christmas

On the first day of Christmas my Daddy & Mummy gave to me, a big present under the white tree!

When can I open the present??

My Christmas presents! Thanks Daddy & Mummy!! Can I eat the goodies now???

Chomping on the bone. Yummy!

Earlier in the day, we also went to the off-leash park to play. Daddy & Mummy discovered this park near our house where the field for big dogs is as big as a football field. The field behind is for the small dogs.

Here’s me with a new friend. I think he wants the tennis ball in my mouth.

Mighty me running with the ball.

The obligatory sit and pose for photo.

What’s that behind?

I think I’m quite done for the day. That’s a whole lot of running today.

And this is my Christmas dinner! I can’t wait to eat it!

Merry Christmas to all!


White Christmas

It’s the time of the year to take out the tree with lots of balls. Well, it’s my first Christmas afterall and I’m looking forward to it cos there’s presents for me! But first, I have to help set up the Christmas tree.

Hmm how do I fix up this thing?? After some help from Daddy and Mummy, I finally got the tree up! See that present under the tree? That’s mine! I wonder what’s inside. Mummy says I can only open the present on Boxing Day.

As usual, Mummy had to dress me up to suit the Christmas mood.

Wearing the Santa hat was still alright but look at what Mummy made me wear next?!

Reindeer horns!!! Luckily Mummy didn’t put a red nose on me. Otherwise I’ll become Lucca the red nose dog-deer. Anyway here’s wishing everybody an early Merry Christmas!

Love-hate relationship with the vet

Sorry guys for not updating for some time. I was sick. Nothing too serious as I was still wanting to play even when I was sick. Over the last 3-4 weeks, I had diarrhea on 3 separate days and vomiting on 1 of the days. Poor mummy had no sleep just to take me out to potty. But I always miraculously get well the next day so Mummy didn’t think of taking me to the vet since I was still full of energy.

Just yesterday, I had diarrhea again. Mummy was all worried after the numerous diarrhea episodes and decided she’ll take me down to the vet. Mummy was telling the vet that she saw soft toy stuffing in my morning poop and the vet thinks that the toy stuffing could be causing an irritation in my tummy. 

Vet did a poop test for me and everything was normal. Phew! I was really terrified of the Dr. He seems like a scary guy checking every part of me. He even told Mummy to keep all the soft toys away!! What a baddy right? The only good thing he told Mummy was to feed me more when I’m better cos’ I’m a little on the scrawny side. YAY!! I think that’s the best thing the Dr. ever said.