Love-hate relationship with the vet

Sorry guys for not updating for some time. I was sick. Nothing too serious as I was still wanting to play even when I was sick. Over the last 3-4 weeks, I had diarrhea on 3 separate days and vomiting on 1 of the days. Poor mummy had no sleep just to take me out to potty. But I always miraculously get well the next day so Mummy didn’t think of taking me to the vet since I was still full of energy.

Just yesterday, I had diarrhea again. Mummy was all worried after the numerous diarrhea episodes and decided she’ll take me down to the vet. Mummy was telling the vet that she saw soft toy stuffing in my morning poop and the vet thinks that the toy stuffing could be causing an irritation in my tummy. 

Vet did a poop test for me and everything was normal. Phew! I was really terrified of the Dr. He seems like a scary guy checking every part of me. He even told Mummy to keep all the soft toys away!! What a baddy right? The only good thing he told Mummy was to feed me more when I’m better cos’ I’m a little on the scrawny side. YAY!! I think that’s the best thing the Dr. ever said. 




3 thoughts on “Love-hate relationship with the vet

  1. Sounds like you have the same sensitive stomach that our Sam has. We started giving him a spoon of pumpkin in the morning and it seems to be helping.

    Thanks for visiting our blog!


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