White Christmas

It’s the time of the year to take out the tree with lots of balls. Well, it’s my first Christmas afterall and I’m looking forward to it cos there’s presents for me! But first, I have to help set up the Christmas tree.

Hmm how do I fix up this thing?? After some help from Daddy and Mummy, I finally got the tree up! See that present under the tree? That’s mine! I wonder what’s inside. Mummy says I can only open the present on Boxing Day.

As usual, Mummy had to dress me up to suit the Christmas mood.

Wearing the Santa hat was still alright but look at what Mummy made me wear next?!

Reindeer horns!!! Luckily Mummy didn’t put a red nose on me. Otherwise I’ll become Lucca the red nose dog-deer. Anyway here’s wishing everybody an early Merry Christmas!


3 thoughts on “White Christmas

  1. Hi Lucca! I just discovered your blog when I came to wish you happy birthday and I LOVE your photos! You’re so good looking and such a good dog! And I love the expressions on your face!

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