Mummy’s New Experiment

Firstly, thanks everyone for the birthday greetings!! I woof you guys!! 🙂

Mummy is in the mood to try out new experiments in baking and it’s awesome cos’ I get to have more homemade treats. She has some pumpkin left over from my birthday cake and she doesn’t know what to do with it so she decided to use that and bake me some pumpkin and oatmeal biscuits!

Apparently I can’t seem to take the organic can pumpkin well. It makes me have slightly loose stool whenever I take them but I was alright taking the ones Mummy steamed for me. So strange. Mummy then remembered that when she used to give me the chicken and pumpkin biscuits, my stool was nice and firm and that’s when she decided to use the remaining can pumpkin and turned them into cookies for me. And boy, they turned out really well and I don’t get loose stool from that. Double yay!

Anyway Mummy used all the ingredients in estimation and thankfully the final product came out well. Mummy used to bake them in bone shape but she decided to make them in the shape of gingerbread man for me this time.

I’ve almost chomped off half of these. Yummy!


One thought on “Mummy’s New Experiment

  1. Those look yummy! We give our boys a scoop of pumpkin once a day – it helps with stomache upsets – especially for Sam. He has a super sensitive stomach. We will need to try and bake it into some of his biscuits.


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