Winter Holiday

Sorry for my disappearance from the blog. I just returned a week ago from my winter escapade to Colorado and New Mexico. My folks decided to go for a skiing holiday in Colorado and because we were driving instead of flying this time, they brought me along on this trip! Yippee!

It was a long long drive from Texas to Colorado and this being my first long drive (my longest was 3 hrs to Oklahoma before this trip), I was rather fidgety in the car. But not too long after, I fell asleep in my crate.

And we finally arrived at the skiing resort at Winter Park! It was heavenly to see the snow everywhere cos’ Texas barely has snow. Dad and Mum immediately took me out to play in the snow once we checked in the hotel.

Now where is my ball?

Digging and digging for the ball. It must be hidden somewhere in the snow.

Oh boy! I finally found it!

I better paw-tect my ball from Daddy & Mummy. They always steal my ball.

I think they’re coming for my ball again. Let me run away with it.

Here’s me posing with the snow-capped mountains behind.

Ending this post with a video of me playing in the snow. It was an enjoyable trip and best of all, I spent it with Daddy & Mummy. I wanna go on more road trips!


One thought on “Winter Holiday

  1. Wow what an adventure you had. We love playing in the snow, hopefully your pawrents will take you on holiday loads more times as you were so well behaved.

    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie

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