Another Road Trip!

Sometime in mid May, my folks spontaneously decided to drive down to San Antonio for the weekend and what’s a trip without bringing me right? We set off really early on a Saturday morning because my folks were planning to visit the Seaworld at San Antonio. But they told me I had to stay in the hotel because Seaworld didn’t allow pets inside. Why??!? I’ll be good to the shamus and whales. I promise. Anyway since I couldn’t go in, Daddy and Mummy took loads of photos to show me. The shamus were really cute!

And the next day, we went to visit the riverwalk and the Alamo. Mummy wanted me to pose again for the photos. 

Are we quite done yet? It’s getting really hot out here in the Texas summer heat. But Mummy says no. I needed to get a photo in front of the Alamo.

I thought we were going home after this but Mummy said she wanted to go to the outlet mall to shop. I asked Mummy if Daddy and I could just wait out in the car or chill by the cafe while Mummy does her shopping. Mummy said Daddy had to come along to pay for all the buys and I gotta go along too. Poor Daddy. I totally emphatized.

Don’t be fooled by this photo with no shopping bags. Mummy had bought loads. I was so tired after all the shopping that I just laid down for a photo.

We’re finally going home. Look at my sleepy eyes.

It wasn’t long before I dozed off. Good night world.


I’m Still Here!

Sorry for the blogging hiatus. I promise to be back real soon with my trip to San Antonio with my folks. 🙂